Team members

Vincent Marchetti

Vincent Marchetti

Lead Developer

Once he was trained as an engineer, and attracted by software development, he became a developer, then manager of a development team and is now an IT director.
Always on a technological watch, he likes to learn and put into practice the novelties in his work.

Here’s what brought him into the adventure:
"I’ve always created games since my early childhood. With the experience gained professionally, I have been interested in making a video game, since as a player for decades, I have always had the will to create one.

I had a game idea, and that‘s when it all started: I first put paper concepts, started finding people with whom to share these ideas, debate, improve them, and that’s how people joined the project "Zone B4 Arena " which will later become Neofrag show."

On Neofrag Show, Vincent is the unique developper in the game. Accurate and always seeing the big picture, it’s probably why he often chooses sniper class in our game !

Yannick Castaing

Yannick Castaing

Lead artist

Since his youth he has been attracted by video games, and it is of course that he chose artistic studies and graphic designers to get closer to this universe.

" I saw Charles-Anthony regularly, and as he talked to me about the game, it was no surprise that I asked him to join the game team! "

Technician and artist, he was the one-man band on the whole graphics game, juggling software to get his way.

" It has been hard, but being able to play its own creation is an unusual experience!"

Aurélien Gusmini

Aurélien Gusmini

Backend Developer

After his studies, he quickly became a developer for banks and assurance company but video games have always been a part of his life since his childhood, as a player in the past and now in the conception.

Here how he joined the project :
"I first knew Vincent as a colleague then we became friends. We played many years on an online game with some friends, and we dreamt of making our own game. As I saw Vincent creating a concept, I quickly joined him to make this project grow together."

On Neofrag Show, Aurélien is taking care of servers and all the network infrastructure. As he always kept fighting to make our game non-violent, it was natural that he is also our best healer on our game !

"It’s an amazing adventure which, I hope, allows a lot of gamers to have fun !"

Charles-Anthony Pogam

Charles-Anthony Pogam

Artist / writer

Fascinated by video games and cinema, he obviously made graphic studies. CG artist in an animation studio the day, he becomes a creator when the night comes.

He joined the project as follows:
"I was noticed by Vincent when he was looking for a graphic designer for his first game project, then on the development of Neofrag Show. Since I have invited a number of friends and colleagues to join our crazy project."

Charly is the source of all the texts and all the mythology of the game. He wrote the dialogues and was the creator of the champions by his pen. He is also the visual designer of all weapons (design, modeling and textures), as well as all the backgrounds of the arena.

"I particularly want to make this game original and stimulating, but especially to distribute Vapors grenades in the arena!"

Thomas Devys

Thomas Devys

Level Designer

Paintball and FPS player, the sweet dream of making a video game has been present since very young. He chose business studies, so he was a novice in the adventure, but compensated for his motivation and passion.

He grafted himself to the team as follows:
"I knew Vincent through work, and when he asked me to join the team, past surprise I immediately accepted ! With no technical luggage in this area, the task was complex because it took Unreal Engine, but motivation and fun were there!"

It’s because this game is a team work that he took care of the level design, from ideas on paper to des 3D. At the centre of the creation of the arena, it is of course why he often plays as a mid-Fighter, in support of the team.

"I was a little anxious at first because it was a hard task, but it‘s a great adventure, and it’s gratifying to hear the players find trouble but still have fun !"

Elie Francois

Elie Francois

Character/Weapons Rig & setup & Animation

Having always bathed in the artistic universe by his mother, he juggled between his engineering / Robotics Studies and his drawing and sculpture classes, while discovering the joys of self-taught programming.

"I met Charly who was already part of the team and this project showed me a distant urge to create a video game. I gave up that idea, but this adventure gave me the opportunity to make a teen dream!"

It is of course that he has taken care of the entire animation and rigging of the main elements: the characters and their weapons.

"Working on a video game has always been an obvious, and I hope our passion is visible and will give other people this double desire to play and create!"