Interview of Scotty Duncan – Tetranod

Phil Newman: Hi, today spotlight is Mr Scotty Duncan known as Tetranod. Welcome here Scotty, how are you?

Scotty Duncan: Pretty well thanks you

PN: So, you are a well known champion, but what can you say about you for people who just discovered the show?

SD: Well, I’m a tech guys. I love building, breaking, assembling stuff and get the best of each part. If you have a look at my weapon, it’s a life project(projet de toute une vie)where I improved all pieces one by one. I’m pretty proud of the result

PN: Impressive, I never saw it so close. It looks fantastic.

SD: Great that you loved it. I’m pretty sure my opponent will like it also! Bahm in their face!

PN: Oooohhh the tone has been set. Champions be ready ! What else can you say ?

SD: Well, I’m a long range fighter with my sniping scope. I like having the full picture of the sector and give tactical information to my mates. I love to be always on a razor-edge, my shots take a lot of energy so I’m vulnerable to counter shot. This is why I’m using a teleport to be able to quickly switch from place to place. It’s a small range move but with a pretty nice frequency ^^

PN: I remember last week match, you were in a bad situation when Vapor focused you. You used to teleport around her, hide behind a wall and did a quick dodge associated with a freezed headshot ^^ You saved the match as no one was able to protect the ring anymore and your team moved in and win!

SD: Thanks, I remember this move. It’s my special combo. I built a freeze capability on my weapon. That allow me to stuck my opponent for a small amount of time and usually allows me to adjust my next fire in the head. I’m also using a virus shot that suck energy opponents and all champions around him!

PN: Yeah the Virus shot, the deadly shot. With one shot you can eliminate the full team if they are all moving at once in the ring! Pretty sweet. Anything else about you?

SD: I’m single now so pretty girl call me on 59 44 66 3…

PN: HHeeeee, it’s not tinder here but I bet young ladies got your message! Thanks Scotty and see you soon at spencer arena!