Phil Newman: Hi, today spotlight is Mrs Irina Sofofna known as Vapor. Welcome Irina, how are you?

Irina Sofofna: Hi! good!

PN: I already saw you more pleasant

IS: Yeah…

PN: I remember when you were young playing the game as clean as possible. You were always the nice girl, strict with the rules but always fair. What happened?

IS: Time has spent, with experience you learn that being nice is not the best way to be part of the top champions. You have to be different, to improve the basic Infinitium to leverage all its potential plus it’s a men world, so no place for whining.

PN: That’s not the best pictures of the show. Let’s talk about you, what’s your style in the arena?

IS: Well.. ** coughing ** I love sending grenades all around and see what happens next. And when somebody is tracking me, I send a smoke bomb and vanish.

PN: The smoke is so useful when you are covering you teammates during a scoring phase.

IS: Team play isn’t it? ** coughing ** I build up a small area regen in my suit that allows me to save myself from bad situation but also all champions around me. Sadly, I didn’t find a way to limit the effect only to my team

PN: That would have been awesome, but little bit overpowered.

IS: Might be… I tweaked my grenade recently and now I can stop the champions from using their abilities from a small amount of time. It’s not overpowered but nice against Tetranod as he won’t be able to teleport!

PN: Sounds great, I would love to see that in action. Anything else?

IS: ** coughing ** Take Dark Vapor voice –  I’m your mother ** coughing **

PN: What??? what’s the hell is this?

IS: **Laughing** ** coughing ** since I have been damaged in my lump, I must wear this mask and I have always wanted to say something like this!

PN: Well… that was not a bad performance…

IS: Thanks! by the way, Tetranod if you hear me, my number is 92 923 7321..

PN: Stoooop this! Can someone deal with this for the next interview? Thanks Irina for coming and see you soon at spencer arena!