In 2067, the scientist Lucius Spencer discovered a new source of energy. Its origin will stay one of the best hidden secrecy of history. This new source of energy will soon replace all other energy, in every field of activity: military, medical, civil…
This energy is named “Infinitium“, a green unlimited and profitable energy, adopted worlwide, which will make Spencer the richest and most powerful man on earth.

Indeed, in an unseen economical crisis context, political and military tensions due to the depletion of the current energy resources (petrol, gaz, coal), the increase of accidents and natural hazards which strengthen the ecological cause, the war broke out. Spencer’s discovery comes on time to stop it and change the world.

The Center of Energy Research (CER) directed by Spencer will thus obtain the world energy production monopoly in 2079.

In 2085, Spencer’s company becomes the world’s biggest economic power. All exploitation or production of energy such as fuel, electricity, gaz, coal, or petrol, will be acquired and stopped by this company.
In every country, the large Infinitium production complexes are highly secured by a private military force and the work of the scientists and technicians is strongly controlled by heavy protocols.
Their work is limited to the machinery supervision. The secret of this energy production is only known by the very top management of the company. Nevertheless, this secret raises too much questions and arouses the curiosity and avidity of different organizations and groups.
Terrorists, scientists, competing companies or radical political parties seek to decipher this mystery and to free themselves from the hegemony of this company.

This is the reason why, to dispel any doubts and manipulate the public opinion, Spencer will create a sport which will completely hide any other sport thanks to the reputation and popularity this new sport will acquire. A sport using all the possibilities of the Infinitium, embedded in non lethal weapons, to entice a good picture back to this energy which has been so deadly in the previous war.

This sport, a pure technology showcase, will be become an art of life, a religion for some, a propaganda tool for others, an unprecedented economic and political stake, the opportunity for world citizens to seek a higher social status, to become champions, even living legends and to rewrite the history.

We are in 2096, this sport is the “Neofrag Show”.


This sport, a kind of Paintball or Laser game, will be at the origin of numerous tournaments in the entire world. Champions are famous, loved by people and heavily sponsored by private firms.

The Infinitium will be key in the game. The players’ equipments are durable and conceived to be supplied by this energy. The terrific power of this energy, when used by an artillery piece, can go through any material. Here, this power is limited by the non lethal weapon used in the game, and the shoots are absorbed by the suits/armors.
The energy pack (a sort of backpack) supplies the weapons via a plug which links the weapon to the athlete’s wrist, but each shot absorbed by the Athlete’s suit also consumes the energy of the pack.
If he reaches zero, he will be kicked out from the game field and will have to wait for few seconds before coming back in the game.

The first arena is the Neofrag Show academy. Its sectors are built in an stadium with stands, and the space around will be designed to answer the playful needs of the game with a great TV show atmosphere. A “Spencer tournament” will follow with a set of propaganda maps. It will be a superiority symbol for this energy over the old ones. This game will be obviously broadcasted by all the TV channels of the world. To complete the picture of this supremacy, the game highlights the birth of champions who, thanks to tvs and sponsors, become demi-gods, more popular and influential than any politicians, cinema or music stars.
These champions, devoted or not to the cause of the company, will participate to this massive propaganda campaign which will soon quickly strangle any opponents.

Phil Newman, a former champion, will be the sportcaster of the matches.