Phil Newman: Hi, today spotlight is Mr John Doe  known as Jewel. Welcome, how are you?

Jewel: Hello, I’m fine, thanks you, what about you?

PN: Great thanks, so who is behind Jewel? We have almost no information on you, what are the secrets?

Jewel: I can’t say much today, but I had some bad periods during war. Now, I’m a loner.

PN: Well, I think you are not the only one with a complicated history, but usually we know what happened, why being so secret?

Jewel: You know, there are things you want to hide and hope they are not coming back and hope they will not surface. However, I don’t want to forget, this is why I added jewels on my weapons to remember this.

PN: Thanks for sharing this. Your weapon is just fantastic. The mix of old school weapon with technology is amazing. How do you describe your style in the arena?

Jewel: I’m a Jack of all trades, I can be on all phases attack, defense, support. I grow up with knowing that I won’t be the best attacker or defender, but that I can be useful in most game phases.

PN: That is great one knows his own limits and use his strength to support the team.

Jewel: I can be an illusionist when creating a mirage of myself. Opponents are seeing a clone that mimic my movement and firing. Quite confusing as they don’t know who to aim and they think multiple people are firing on them 😀

PN: The Mirage, that’s a move I love to see when you are scoring. It saved your scoring attempts more than once

Jewel: Correct. During Tesla capturing or defense, I love to create a zone that will fill the weapons with energy so we don’t use our backpack. I feel like I’m a turret with unlimited ammos.

PN: Rock N’ Roll, that’s what I’m used to say when you spawn this. Usually all your teammates converge in this place and it’s a few second of madness with firing all over the place.

Jewel: Yeah, that’s the way I like it! My secret action is to shutdown the powersuit of my opponent. No regeneration for a few seconds, you are out of the game, which mean we can take the lead.

PN: Well that’s a key move. I remember you used it on people who tried to score so they could not regen once they moved in the ring. That gave you a greater time to eliminate them before the score was validated. Anything else to say?

Jewel: Well, no. Oh yes I nearly forgot! Tetranod, pretty girls are dating me, so forgot about getting a call and play!
**whisper** or date with Vapor

PN: …
Thanks Jewel for coming and see you soon at spencer arena!